Thursday, June 14, 2012

And They Lived Happily Ever After...

Shauna & Benjamin 6.8.12

My place card! 

Oak Canyon Nature Center

Portobello & fried chicken slider with sweet potato fries compliments of gourmet food truck, The Tasting Spoon.


Finally a sister!

Had to get a shot of her dress, it was absolutely perfect

Dress: Alythea

Shoes: Naughty Monkey

Yes, I have been absent. I admit I am not that great at balancing things but definitely will continue to try!  I am in the midst of moving so things have been a little hectic but I'm back now and that's all that matters right?

On to happier things...last weekend was my stepbrother's wedding! It was absolutely amazing and the wedding was pure perfection. It took place at this gorgeous nature center in Anaheim Hills, California. You know how some weddings are a little stuffy and don't feel like the couple at all? Well this was nothing like that! Ben & Shauna's wedding was all about their favorite things including nature (they are quite the adventuresome couple), food trucks, drinks (beer & homemade lemoncello for everyone to take home), photos (they had a photobooth with props) and Harry Potter! (hence the Azkaban place card) They even made their grand entrance dressed like Harry & Ginny. It truly was the best wedding I have gone to in a while!

I have to admit that I had trouble finding the perfect dress for the occasion. Day time weddings are tough, especially if they are outside. Its important to look at the fabric, you don't want it to be to stiff, also it is important to see if it can be worn everyday. I found this Alythea dress at a boutique in Santa Barbara and the second I saw it I knew it would be the one. And by chance one of the wedding colors was mustard, so the family pictures will turn out great :) I know I will definitely wear this dress again whether it be with boots or throwing a leather jacket over it. I am sure you will be seeing it in future posts.

So let me tell you exactly how high for heels I am. I was told numerous times to wear flats, sandals or a low wedge because of the rocky terrain. Now, I never listen to these details when it comes to shoes. I usually have no trouble walking in any environment. Plus, the boy bought me these amazing Naughty Monkey mustard wedges that happened to match my dress perfectly and wasting a pair of shoes is never an option for me! Let me tell you, I did have trouble walking with the loose pebbles and small hills and may had an escort walking the whole night. But hey, I loved my outfit and have had my eye on those shoes for a while. We do weird things for fashion, that sometimes really just don't make sense.

Well I promise I really do have more to share and am getting back into the blogging schedule! I still plan on doing a giveaway once I reach 100 followers so keep them coming! I always follow in return!


  1. hope you had a great this dress and look great..i also thank you for your comment and i am following you back!!
    keep in touch sweetie!!


  2. Very nice photos! Great shoes!


  3. looks like it was great event, lovely pictures....

  4. so sweeeeet!
    great blog!

  5. Hi hun! Great post :) your dress is fab & I love your new sisters tattoos!
    Would you like to follow each other?

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  6. Lovely wedding dress! Love the bridesmaid dress too :)

    Fold up shoes

  7. I love weddings, they're always so lovely events, and that one seems to ve awesome!!
    Your dress and shoes are absolutely gorgeous, as well as bride's dress!

  8. Such a cool wedding dress. I love the yellow dress too! That food looks incredible!


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