Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chinese Laundry presents the Denim Line

Man oh man, have I been MIA. No more excuses time to get to it and I have a lot to share! These are the pictures (finally!!) from the Chinese Laundry Denim Fashion Show Launch which was Tuesday, April 3rd at Eden in Hollywood. I was so excited to see the pieces come to life and all the hard work come together. That was until one of the models didn't show up (eek...) so with no back-ups they asked me to be in the show an hour before it was supposed to start. I cannot tell you how nervous I was... me modeling with professionals? Aah nightmare! I am definitely more of a behind the scenes girl, I like putting together the production and seeing the outcome. Not to mention, I was so involved with this whole event behind the scenes that this took me by surprise. I mustered up the courage and did it. Luckily, the clothes fit me perfectly. Now I can say that I have been on both sides of the runway and let me tell you I prefer behind the scenes, where you can't see me shaking. The line though is GORGEOUS! Pictures definitely do not do it justice. Believe me, I have been up and personal with this line and the attention to detail amazes me. Wait until you see the denim jackets...dying!

90210's Shenae Grimes hosted, wearing a Chinese Laundry denim jacket. Love her outfit!

Add on to the makeup I had already piled on!

First Look: Leatherized denim skirt (amazing invention), so comfortable

Second look: Denim dress with pleated tiered skirt! Umm need this in my closet!


Smising with denim designers Toni and Stephen.
Definitely needed a glass of bubbly after that!

Shoes worn: Chinese Laundry Whistle
(These are actually a really practical and comfortable patent pump. I also have them in nude. If I can walk a runway in them...so can you!)

I do feel proud of the work I accomplished through this show and it all paid off. We received a lot of positive feedback from the press and all those who attended and I cannot wait to see the line in stores!
See more pictures here http://on.fb.me/HiZpDK


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  2. Who knew they made denim! I remembering have Chinese Laundry heels from WAY back in the day!

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  4. Ok, love your blog! What an exciting life you live. Honestly! I'm sure you were amazing in the show. Xo

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